The History Room

The History Room is a mystery novel by Oxfordshire-based British author Eliza Graham. The story follows the life of Meredith Cordingley, whose soldier husband gets seriously injured in a war, and whose marriage is beginning to fall apart. After these sad events, Meredith decides to go back to teaching at the grand Cotsworld school known as Letchford. Lechtford is a private school that is ran by her father, who is the typical English head master.

In this place, Meredith finds the peace that she is looking for, a refuge from the sadness and heartache that she bears. Little did she know that her new found happiness is going to be short lived. On a September afternoon, a shocking discovery is revealed in the school's history room. The police are present, and things are not as they seem.

Meredith is set on doing everything in her power to find out who the culprit is. She soon becomes convinced that one of Letchford's staff is responsible for the evil occurrences in the school, who may be manipulating a troubled and vulnerable student. In her quest to discover the truth, Meredith jeopardizes her reputation, as well as his father's. As the mystery begins to unfold, she learns that there may be another person hiding a dark past.....

People who will get a copy will surely be hooked right from the beginning. The story, filled with tons of twist and turns, develops nicely and comes with a good satisfying ending. Themes and story lines are well balanced, and the author's vivid descriptions will put the reader at the heart of the action.

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